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Responsible Resource Extraction

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The Mother Lode

The legend of the richest gold mine in America


The Documentary

So you want to hear about the National?

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Historical Documents

Primary-source information providing a rare glimpse into the famed National Mine

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Hygrade Gold Company Ltd.

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It took more than a century of sporadic, bitter, and complex litigation, but title to the famed National Mine has now been settled. 


The National is an affirmed NI 43-101 property that includes the famed Walker Claims (patented) on which the original National Mine is sited, the nearby Gliko Claims (which are patented, too, and are also recognized as prolific producers in their own right), and assorted lode and placer claims that appropriate adjacent lands and historic dump piles.


With certificated access to one of the largest groundwater banks in that entire sub basin, an abundance of development-related documentation, reports, and raw data from the past 110 years, an array of extracted electrum specimens, and a built-out, electrified bunkhouse with municipal water/sewer service, RV park, garage space, and storage yard, Hygrade has de-risked The National and positioned it to become an immensely profitable operation.

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The History

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The National’s rich early history was vividly captured by Nancy B. Schreier in Highrade: The Mining Story of National, Nevada.  It's a  fun read.  Here is some additional historical information.  Enjoy.

The National's

The Documentary Teaser

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Hygrade Gold Company Ltd.

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